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5 Products Nic Swears By

by @alexis-gaskin
Jan 18, 2023


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The talents of Nic Houde knows no boundaries! Truly, you can't go too far on Supergreat without seeing his bright face shine throughout the app. From donning several wigs for fun challenges, to hosting several of his own lives, Nic is a beloved staff member and community member of Supergreat. He, along with the talented Brand Partnerships team, is responsible for the brands you see on Supergreat! When Nic isn't working on fun beauty things, he can be found reading books (even if he can't remember what it's about afterwards) and listening to Kim Petras. Seriously, watch her Malibu music video for a cameo surprise ;)

If you're already a stan of his, you'll want to know his beauty faves. Keep scrolling for the products Nic swears by that can ALL be bought on Supergreat.

Thing #1: Stratia - Bundle: Firm + Smooth

Okay when I tell you this changed my skin, I'm LITERALLY not exaggerating. The Rewind Serum is the single most luxurious feeling skincare product I've ever slapped onto this thing I call a face. If I could bathe in it, I would. The Velvet Cleansing Milk doesn't strip or leave my skin feeling tight, but still gives me a feeling of cleanness. It's like you're not just making your bed, you're cleaning your sheets and fluffing the pillows... A real reset. The Night Shift cream is made with retinol and is creamy, substantial, and amazing. I attribute my current glow/generally more healthy-looking face to it.

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Thing #2: Youthforia - Pregame Protective Primer

Listen, I've used primers. I've done the whole thing thinking this will help with my makeup not budging, but then it doesn't really do it completely. This is not that primer. The Pregame Protective Primer does the damn thing! My under-eye concealer doesn't budge and my cream blush sticks around way longer than it does without. Youthforia can do no wrong in my book, and this primer is no different.

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Thing #3: Jones Road - Miracle Balm

This is my desert island beauty product. I know what you're thinking... If I'm on a desert island, I don't really need extra glow, which is fair. But if you have ever used this product, you know exactly what I mean. I use the shade Sunkissed every single day. It brings life back to my face, gives me a mini Kardashian Kontour, and is just the dewiest gorgeous finish. I need every single shade.

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Thing #4: OffCourt - Performance Body Spray Trio Pack

This deodorant is one of those products I didn't know I needed, and now that I use it will never go back. Ever. All three smells are lovely to me, the value is amazing, and it doesn't irritate my underarms (so many deodorants I've used in the past have done this to me).

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Thing #5: Tower28 - BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm

Going into winter, the one thing I am most mindful of is shifting my blush along with the season (OMG that is the most "I work in beauty" sentence I've ever written in my life... but it's true). In spring/summer, I skew more toward oranges, corals, and reds. In fall/winter, I turn to pinks and burgundys. All this to say, the BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm is always my go-to (Golden Hour in the summer and Magic Hour in the winter). The finish is stunning, the build-up-ability is IT, and the lasting power really does it for me.

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As usual, we want to know about your faves. Have you tried any of the products above? Do you have dupes, recommendations, or thoughts? Add your review below!